A Cool New Resource for Differentiating Standards Based Lessons

I have many places on the internet that I frequent for differentiated texts. I love Reading A-Z, even though it costs money. Bet.com is a great source for high interest texts at the high school level (and easily doctor-able for the middle school level). Time for Kids and National Geographic for Kids are great sources for readings for my struggling readers while Science News for Kids works well for my mid to higher readers. I utilize lexile.com to find books or excerpts of books for my students at a wide variety of reading levels. I also analyze lexiles of all all of the texts I find all over the internet using lexile.com’s lexile analyzer (free after you register which costs nothing!)

But when it comes to differentiating a standards based lesson, it’s tough. I’m gathering from all over, desperately seeking to find texts that all fit into the standard I am teaching, for example, author’s purpose or characterization. I can often find one or two texts that fit great, but my third text for usually my lowest group is often a stretch. I love this site for practice but when it comes to finding texts that kids can read independently for the application portion of our lesson, I’m often spending way too long searching for the “right” texts.

Well, I found my differentiating standards based lessons haven at http://www.readworks.org/books/passages. This site has it all! Short readings that are focused on a particular standard and the readings are all accompanied by a lexile level so I don’t need to spend time figuring it out. This site focuses on standards in grades K-6 but has some higher lexile readings, such as 1000, and most of the standards are related or adaptable to standards that are taught at the higher grades. For my purposes this works great! I finally have a site that is one stop shopping: a short, readable text for all my students focused on the standard I am teaching. All of the texts are accompanied by reading comprehension questions which add a little practice too. 

My only complaints: the readings are too short in some instances and not always high interest.  I do have to supplement with higher interest reading in between these lessons, which for my lessons usually involves SSR books. But overall, this site is great for finding practices at a variety of reading levels for particular standards.


3 thoughts on “A Cool New Resource for Differentiating Standards Based Lessons

  1. I use read works all the time. It is an excellent resource! I really like how flexible the lessons are and the fact that they are shown as a series of lessons.

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