Assessment and Intervention for Adolescents

Here are some resources to help with assessment and intervention for adolescents in middle and high school.


Great book to use for fluency assessments.

Here are some resources for assessing phonics skills.

The QRI 5 is a good resource for assessment.

Must have book for reading assessment.


Words Their Way for Struggling Readers is a good book for intervention as are word sort books for Within Word Pattern spellers, Syllables and Affixes Spellers, and Derivational Relations Spellers.

This website has some great strategies to help adolescents improve literacy skills.

Here are some suggestions for places to find easier texts on the internet:

Improving First Instruction

Vocabulary Their Way is a great book for content area teachers. has some wonderful professional development opportunities.

Check out my previous blog on SERP and the wonderful FREE vocabulary and writing products they produce.


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