Comprehension Instruction K-5


Quad Text Set Examples Grades 3-5:


Target Text: The Presidency by Taylor-Butler

Visual Text: School House Rocks The Executive Branch

Informational Text: The President, Vice President and Cabinet: a look at the executive branch by Landau

Young Adult Connection: Grace for President by DiPucchio


Target Text: Relationships Between Organisms

Visual Text: Crash Course in Predators

Informational Text: What Would You Do With a Tail Like This by Jenkins and Page

Young Adult Connection: Who Would Win Series by Pallota and Bolster


Target Text: From Seed to Plant by Gibbons

Visual Text: From Seed to Flower

Informational Text: The Tiny Seed by Carle

Young Adult Connection: Counting Pumpkin Seeds by McNamara

Language Arts

Target Text: For the Unknown Enemy by William Stafford

Visual Text: Graphs/InfoGraphic of Military Deaths in WWII by Country and Website for Exploring the National Monuments

Informational Text:  U.S. Veterans Day parades and ceremonies honor those who served (from

YA Connection Text: The Bracelet

Resources for Teaching Comprehension to Students Grades K-5

Useful Websites:

Good Internet Reads:

Dr. Wright’s Vocabulary Read Aloud

Should We Teach 100 Sight Words to Kindergarteners by Marcia Invernizzi

Five Literacy Practices to Abandon by Nell Duke

Why To NOT Share Reading Levels With Students

Recommended Books:

Inside Information by Nell Duke

Thirty Million Words by Dana Suskind

Language at the Speed of Sight by Mark Seidenberg


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