“I loved your presentation about content area literacy strategies and I appreciated all of the helpful resources. I will use your ideas in my teaching practice.”

“I am so excited to have more resources to get my students excited about reading. The Quad Text set seems like an awesome idea to get buy in from students when reading challenging texts. Thank you!”

“This has been one of the best professional development sessions that our school has ever had! Thank you for all of your ideas.”

“This session was fantastic. You need to write a book. I’d buy it and read and share it with all the teachers that I know.”

“The information you shared was useful, practical, and applicable.”

“This session was really worth my time and the three hours we spent together sped by.”

“Please come back to our school next year. This was the most useful professional development that I’ve ever been to.”

“Thank you for a well prepared, well researched, helpful professional development session.”

“Thank you so much for providing one of the most meaningful professional development sessions that I have ever been to.”

“I am exceedingly thankful for the resources you have shared and for the wonderfully clear and concise presentation of information supported with examples and practice activities. I particularly liked the weekly planners that you shared and the resources that you have used in your own classroom”



“Great information. You’ve gotten the wheels turning for me. I look forward to seeing teachers implement these ideas in their classrooms.”

“As an administrator, you’ve provided very valuable information for what to look for to help teachers improve their literacy practices in schools.”

“You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to share this knowledge and practical applications to the classroom with us today.”

“You use a great variety of strategies and present them in a very user friendly and engaging manner.”

“You must come back. We need more time with you as a division.”


Literacy Coaches:

“My entire literacy team needs to see this session. These are amazing research based ideas and I especially appreciated the math vocabulary ideas that you presented.”

“Your presentation was extremely relevant and designed perfectly for this audience.”

“You’ve done an excellent job of making your presentation fit the unique needs of our teachers and students as we work with a special population. Thank you for all the wonderful information you shared.”